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Annex 111

So as you can see, the vestibule is starting to shape up. Jae is spending most of her time getting the bathroom decor finished, but she’ll sometimes veer off and do another little project on the side.  Last weekend she suddenly decided the coat & robe hooks should be installed, et voilà!  That multicolored board was her first attempt at doing one of the side panels for the fountain stage (picture next week, most likely); she decided to do it a different way, but this board was already done so waste not, want not.  Later on we’ll add a boot brush, a seat for putting on boots, etc.  I decided this was also the right place for the atrium garbage can, handy but not in direct sight from most of the area; it also why I decided the bug zapper should be here, near the garbage can.  If you look at the outlet it’s plugged into, you can see there’s another cord that goes up into the wall; that’s the extension cord that runs up one of the steel rafters to supply power to the multicolored light strings on the ceiling.  On the other side of that wall is the gas water heater; there’s another outlet there, controlled by the same breaker as this one, which the heater’s electric igniter is plugged into.  And pretty soon, it’ll be supplying water to the bathroom sink, which I got the parts to finish earlier this week.

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