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The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. –  H. L. Mencken

As Mencken pointed out, the “threats to society” dreamed up by politicians are almost wholly imaginary, but in our modern media-oriented society it is no longer sufficient to concentrate on these painted devils; the decadent modern audience demands to hear the stories of the victims, and since there really aren’t any (or at least very few) it becomes necessary to create them.  Whole imaginary populations of victimized women and children are thus created out of air; the hidden millions who have lost their jobs to pillaging hordes of “illegal immigrants”, the multitudes of phantom sacrificial infants born to invisible thousands of teenage runaway mothers enslaved as breeders by “Satanists”, and the vaporous throngs of “trafficked” women and children who are supposedly sold as sex slaves on Craigslist and Backpage all inhabit a sort of twilight zone existing within the bounds of the country whose politicians invent them, yet neither eating nor taking up space nor inconveniently appearing to contradict whatever it is the politicians claim about them.  And once they have served their purpose and the hysteria which created them dies down, they disappear entirely (or perhaps they morph into whatever kind of imaginary victims the politicians need next).  But like a kind of human virtual particle, every once in a while one of these victims will appear to pop into existence; sometimes the politicians and pundits can gain control of this rogue element and induce her by brainwashing, threats or promised rewards to say whatever her masters like in front of the cameras, in which case she becomes a powerful tool in the furtherance of their agenda.  But at other times she has the colossal bad taste to be less than a perfect poster child, or even (horror of horrors!) to contradict the party line, in which case she becomes a dangerous spanner in the works who must be silenced at all costs.

Whores are of course the definitive examples of what I’m talking about; for every poor junkie the neofeminists produce to regurgitate their dogma of “degradation”, there are dozens of happy, well-adjusted prostitutes on every escort site on the internet, and at least one like myself (or Xaviera Hollander, Tracy Quan, Norma Jean Almodovar, Carol Leigh…) who is eloquent and brazen enough to completely destroy the stereotype the prohibitionists work so carefully to craft of us.  Over the decades we’ve slowly won over the legislatures of many countries and even most of the intelligent, open-minded people in the US; in the past few years a number of major political candidates have even dared to propose decriminalization of our trade, and members of Congress have questioned the sense of wasting public funds which are badly needed to repair our crumbling infrastructure and deal with other real problems on the suppression of consensual adult activity.  It seemed as though a change in public opinion was imminent, so obviously the neofeminists and control freaks needed to do something to distract public attention from the pretty ladies who were making so much sense. So they reached into their bag of tricks and pulled out an oldie-but-baddie, the “white slave trade”, dressed in a new fancy suit called “human trafficking”. “Grrr!” says the politician, “pay no attention to those women!  Look at this ugly monster over here instead!  Grrr!  Growl!  Boo!”  And of course the ever-fickle audience stares slack-jawed and open-mouthed at the ugly Punch doll dancing and capering and shaking his stick, and never notices that it’s just a puppet activated by a politician’s hand.

In order to support their white-slavery horror story, the politicians at least need to come up with a few real victims out of the imaginary boatloads, and so the British government launched “Project Acumen”, a year-long police operation intended to “save” the 2578 “trafficked” women it “estimated” could be found among the prostitutes of England and Wales.  After bullying or brute-forcing their way into scores of domiciles, these champions of justice were able to come up with exactly 210 women it claimed were “trafficked” on the sole grounds that none of them were native to the UK.  Of these, none claimed to have been kidnapped, imprisoned or subjected to surveillance, none had been sold as slaves and none had been threatened with violence or denunciation as illegal aliens; 202 had known they were being recruited as prostitutes and the remaining eight claimed to have been misled about their location rather than the work.  In the end, only two dozen were deemed “trafficked” – 19 Asians and five Eastern Europeans.  Note that NONE of the women considered themselves so; that was an official declaration.  No doubt police administrators expected hundreds tearful sex slaves thanking them for their rescue and agreeing to speak to the media about the terrible life from which they had been “saved”; what they got instead were a few dozen annoyed immigrant hookers who simply walked out of the police station and went back to work as soon as they realized they were not under arrest, and 24 who were “rescued” by being deported.

A similar (though much worse) sort of treatment was given to 16 year old Sara Kruzan, an underage prostitute since 13 who was tried as an adult for killing her pimp and sentenced to life imprisonment without benefit of parole despite the fact that she had a documented history of depression.  Yes, you heard me: A severely depressed “child” prostitute with no father and a drug-addicted mother decided to escape her pimp in the only way open to her, and was rewarded with the sort of sentence usually reserved for serial killers.  Where were all the “human trafficking” advocates?  Obviously, they weren’t interested in Sara because she wasn’t abducted by evil “traffickers” from a middle-class white home by means of internet chat rooms.  And how dare she actually take responsibility for her own safety rather than meekly submitting to her pimp and waiting for the heroic police to eventually discover and rescue her in a way that would let them look good on the Six O’Clock News!  How dare she deprive them of a show trial by killing her pimp!  How dare she not be a pathetic, easily-manipulated white girl whom they could turn into an anti-prostitution spokeswoman!  Obviously, the brazen little hussy had to be made an example of by locking her up forever.

Sara, now 29, has lived almost half her life in a California prison, but fortunately her case came to the attention of a group which advocates against imposing such barbaric sentences on minors and they have succeeded in securing a resentencing hearing for her on February 14th.  In this six-minute video interview her intelligence is obvious, which I’m sure worked against her with the monstrous judge who sentenced her as an adult due to her “lack of remorse”.  This website has links for petitions and suggestions for writing California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has the power to grant her clemency.  Note, however, now that her case has become popular the “human trafficking” people have suddenly come out of the woodwork and are attempting to pimp her once again, this time for their political coin by their typical conflation of voluntary adult prostitution with coerced underage prostitution.

Of course, when whores don’t act according to the desired stereotypes, those with an agenda can always find an amateur willing to whore herself for interview fees and the possibility of profiting from a lawsuit; here’s a paraphrased AP article about someone who claims to be a call girl, yet blithely violated the most elementary professional ethics by “outing” a supposed client and the most elementary common sense by choosing as her victim a popular sports star who could buy and sell her 100,000 times over:

Soccer star David Beckham has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles alleging that In Touch magazine knowingly published false claims that he had sex with prostitutes; the suit filed Friday (September 24th) accuses Delaware-based Bauer Publishing Company LP and its affiliates of libel, slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress for the article.  The suit also names 26-year-old Irma Nici, who was quoted as saying she was a call girl who slept with Beckham five times in 2007 and also claimed he had sex with a second (unnamed) prostitute.  Beckham publicist Jeff Raymond says suits are also being filed in other jurisdictions including Germany, where Bauer’s parent corporation is located.

Since even the sort of unethical trash who would expose a good regular would certainly know the fate of one who did so, I must presume that this Nici woman is only a media whore rather than an actual professional, but of course that doesn’t stop her self-destructive antics from making the rest of us look bad.  The main difference between her and the imaginary whore-as-victim conjured up by neofeminists and politicians is that this one victimized herself by her astonishingly bad judgment.

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