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Democracy becomes a government of bullies tempered by editors.  –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Four stories in which government bullies trample on individual rights in order to satisfy their own perverted lust for power.

Full of Themselves (June 7th, 2011)

Local governments are always proposing new ways to stop people from engaging in mutually satisfactory sexual arrangements, but what makes this November 15th story from KOKI in Tulsa, Oklahoma interesting is the holier-than-thou whining from licensed masseuses:

A Tulsa police officer and…city councilor are pushing for…[a] new ordinance [which] would require any type of massage facility to have a business license through the city, that would have to be renewed each year.  Additionally, anybody performing massages in the business would be required to have a license through some sort of nationally accredited massage therapy organization.  The ordinance also requires those giving massages to be fully clothed during the massage, and outlaws any touching of “private areas”…Any violation…would result in a suspension or revocation of the business’s license…

Those who run legitimate massage businesses are big supporters of the ordinance.  “What it does, it makes the industry, the massage community, look bad,” Karen Harr, licensed massage technician, said…Another woman who owns a massage parlor was afraid to talk on camera because she was worried people would think she’s running a prostitution ring.  But she, too, supports a law requiring all people giving massages to have a license like she does at her business.  “I make sure they have a license, I do background checks on them, I make sure they’re not on drugs, I do drug tests,” she said.   She hopes the ordinance will eliminate most or all of the illegitimate massage businesses in town…she’s also hoping to pick up some extra clients after other businesses are shut down.

Trail says it’s not just prostitution that bothers him.  Some of the massage parlors accused of prostitution are operating near schools.    He says other crimes, specifically drug-related, often come hand in hand with the prostitution at massage parlors.  Beyond that, some of the prostitutes themselves are victims of crimes.  “Some of these girls are just sex slaves,” Trail said.  “I mean, this stuff happens here in Tulsa”…

There is a bit of good news embedded in that last paragraph; busybody politicians are beginning to realize that most people really don’t view prostitution as a problem as long as it’s discreet, so Trail has to throw as much shit at the wall as possible in the hope that some of it will stick.  “It’s for the children; they could be hit by sex rays!  And there’s drugs, too!  And prostitutes attract crime, and they’re sex slaves!  It’s true, I heard somebody say so!”

Slap on the Wrist (October 8th, 2011)

It must be nice to be one of the Overlords, and therefore able to do whatever one likes without fear of serious legal repercussions.  This article comes to us courtesy of the November 29th Mercury of Hobart, Tasmania:

Terry Martin…walked free from the Supreme Court in Hobart this afternoon after he was found guilty of having sex with a 12-year-old girl. In a move surprising to many – but expected by others – Justice David Porter chose not to jail the former MP and long-serving Glenorchy mayor…He instead handed him a 10-month suspended sentence back-dated to November 22 when he was taken into custody.  Martin was last week found guilty of having underage sex – with a 12-year-old girl prostituted by her mother and mother’s friend – in September, 2009.  He pleaded not guilty and argued from the start he believed the girl was 18…but the jury found he ought to have known she was underage…Justice Porter accepted expert opinions backing up Martin’s assertion the medication he was prescribed for his Parkinson’s Disease had caused him to suffer from hypersexuality at the time of his offending.  The judge said he accepted…that if Martin had not been taking those drugs he would not have become “obsessed with sex” and hooked on prostitutes – and would therefore not have come into contact with the 12-year-old.

Well, there you are!  If any of you male readers ever find yourself in a tight spot, keep “medication-induced hypersexuality” in mind along with “bicycle-wreck-induced brain damage”.  Too bad neither of them will work for non-politicians.

Collaboration Horizontale (November 11th, 2011)

French politicians continue their two-century-old habit of persecuting whores:

French lawmakers will next week test France’s long history of liberal attitudes toward sex by introducing a bill outlawing prostitution…[which] is not illegal in France though several linked activities are…a cross-party parliamentary commission…said criminalisation “is the best path to reducing prostitution in France, as countries that have regulated this activity saw it increase”.  Earlier this year, the commission recommended…[the Swedish model]…Sex workers’ groups denounced the proposal as an attack on their rights and this week protested in front of the National Assembly against the bill.  “Abolition and repression have never been the solution, all sociologists say so,” a member of the Strass sex workers’ group…said…[adding that] “feminists” should “stop speaking for us” and urged lawmakers to instead grant sex workers full legal status…

The first line is clearly derived from a stereotyped and historically-ignorant view of France, which at the end of the 18th century was the first European country to develop a national system of “regulating” prostitutes by turning them over to the tender mercies of the police.  It also ignores the postwar campaign of vengeance against whores and the fact that France has been officially “abolitionist” since 1960, not to mention its recent record of micromanaging its citizens’ lives down to their choice of clothing.

Follow Your Bliss (November 29th, 2011)

On December 1st Radley Balko discussed a New York Times Magazine profile of Illinois prosecutor Mike Mermel, a man who seems to have discovered the perfect job for a sadistic, misogynistic pervert:  Mermel excels at developing absurd and convoluted “theories” as to why men he wrongfully convicted of rape and murder are still guilty once DNA testing proves the semen found in the victim’s body does not belong to the convicted man.

…“The example I like to give people is next time you go to a motel room, bring a plastic bag, because the dirtiest thing in that room is the remote control.  Everybody has sex and then rolls over and goes, ‘I wonder what’s on?’ ” he said.  “O.K., so you can find DNA in the form of sperm from 10 different people in that room from that remote control or even on a person who has touched it.  And that woman gets murdered in that room tonight, and you are going to have a lot of DNA.  Is it all going to be forensically significant?”

His theory for why there was sperm that did not come from Juan Rivera inside 11-year-old Holly Staker on the day she was murdered is, to his mind, simple and straightforward.  She and her twin sister, Heather, were sexually active, Mermel argues, and Holly must have had sex with someone else before Rivera came along and raped (but didn’t ejaculate) and murdered her.  There was scant evidence to support this sexual-activity theory, but Mermel dismissed that objection.  “Nobody is going to admit to having sex with an 11-year-old girl, even if the statute of limitations has run out”…

…When a DNA test in 2003 showed that the semen in the underwear of a 68-year-old woman didn’t belong to Bernie Starks, a man convicted in 1986 of raping and murdering her, Mermel dismissed the results because the semen came from the victim’s clothing…Three years later, defense attorneys found the rape kit and tested semen recovered from the woman’s vagina.  Again, there was no match.  Mermel again wouldn’t budge, this time arguing that the woman must have had sex with someone else just before the rape.  Mermel’s biggest blunder was Jerry Hobbs, who was arrested in 2005 on charges of raping and stabbing to death his 8-year-old daughter and her 9-year-old friend.  Hobbs confessed to the killings, but only after 16 straight hours of questioning that began after he’d spent the previous night looking for the girls…When Hobbs’ attorneys revealed in court in 2008 that DNA tests showed the semen found in the mouth, rectum, and vagina of Hobbs’ daughter didn’t belong to Hobbs, Mermel postulated that the foreign semen must have found its way into the girl’s body while she was playing in a patch of woods where teenagers were known to have sex.  The girl had been found fully clothed…

There’s a lot more which you can read at The Agitator, but I think you get the picture; he’s so awful even the local sheriff called for his resignation, which he finally announced Thursday.

One Year Ago Today

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