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Freedom and whores are the most cosmopolitan items under the sun. – Georg Büchner

Well, I’m done with my guest blogging gig at The Agitator; the August crew started on Wednesday, and there will be a third group in September.  It was a great experience for me; though it meant a lot of extra work, it allowed me an opportunity to get the message out to a much larger crowd than usual.  Radley suggested I use the opportunity to plug my blog as well, and that worked out fabulously:  I broke traffic records three times in the first week of guest blogging, and the high point now stands at 4959 visits on July 10th (which was quite a nice anniversary present!)  Some of those turned into new regular readers, to whom I bid a warm welcome; I think y’all are going to enjoy it here.

Speaking of enjoyment, I discovered a new source of it while guest blogging:  constructing links columns.  Radley does one nearly every day, so I continued his tradition by publishing three of them a week; as you may have noticed over the past few Sundays, I had fun thinking of “teaser” phrases intended to make y’all curious enough to click the links.  So much fun, in fact, that I’m loath to give it up, so I won’t; as part of my gradual decrease in workload I will henceforth post a links column each Sunday.  This will not replace the “That Was the Week That Was” columns, but will instead act as a supplement to them; the items featured there will mostly be non-hookery things I found interesting that week, and a few sex work items presented without much comment.  If you’ve enjoyed the last few Sunday columns, these will be more of the same except presented without introductory comments in most cases.  And since I can compose the columns during the week while going about my usual internet-canvassing, I can essentially decrease my workload by 14% while still giving y’all a column every day and providing fodder for interesting comment threads.

I only published one new column over there this week, “The Differences That Aren’t”; it’s an answer to those who feel I’m being disingenuous when I say that sex is no different from any other human activity.  I also published two links columns, whose contents are below:

And last but not least, here are a few items I’ve collected since Tuesday:

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