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I exploit you, still you love me
I tell you one and one makes three.
 –  Vernon Reid, “The Cult of Personality”

I’m sure you’re wondering what that title means, so I won’t keep you in suspense;  this was the 111th week since I started the blog, if one counts the first two days (a Saturday and Sunday) and the static pages together as a short week.  Since I’m going to be doing these link pages every week they needed some general name, and it would be too repetitive and confusing to call them by the same number as the TW3 columns.  So while the latter are numbered by the week of the calendar year in which they appear, these link pages will be numbered by the week of the blog as a whole.  Got it?  Without further ado, then, the links:  as usual, Radley Balko’s Twitter feed was a gold mine, providing everything down to (and including) the video.

Though it wasn’t what they intended, this anti-drug ad is actually a perfect metaphor for the federal government’s reaction to drug use:

For maximum effect:  start this video, wait 30 seconds, then click on the link below it and read while it plays.

(First two items below the video via Franklin Harris, last two via Jessica Land.)

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