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You want to film something, bitch?  Film this!  –  Nathan Church

Well, I got my computer back Monday, and was exceptionally pleased to see that my wizard of a technician managed to recover everything!  I was also pleased to see that when I reconstructed both of last weekend’s columns I had only forgotten two items in each one, and now that they’ve been safely inserted into this weekend’s columns I suppose I can say I’m officially caught up (though I’m still scrambling to get a couple of weeks ahead on my daily columns as I prefer).  This week Jesse Walker edged out Radley Balko for the top spot, so everything above the first video is Jesse’s, while the first three below the video are Radley’s.  The video itself was made by Commander Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station and provided by Mike Siegel, while the second video was made by Harvey Silverglate and provided by Mistress Matisse.  The links below Radley’s were contributed by Chi MgbakoAmy AlkonLenore SkenazyFurry Girl, and Jack Shafer (in that order), and the last three by John David Galt (“Dubai”), Kevin Wilson (“freedom”) and Walter Olson (“dead fish”).

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