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Daddy, I love you so much that I want to cut your head off and carry it around so I can see your face whenever I want.  –  Unnamed child

There was an unusual degree of backlash against the police/nanny state this week; unfortunately, it was more like thrashing about a bit in a fitful sleep than actually waking up, considering that 80% of Americans think that it’s perfectly OK for the government to restrict civil liberties for “safety”, and 26% think they haven’t been restricted enough yet.  And though one of the week’s top stories should have been a former FBI agent’s revelation that the US government now records every single domestic telephone call without bothering to get a warrant, I’ll bet this was the first most of you even heard of it.  There, I figured I’d get the worst of it out of the way up front; most of the rest aren’t quite so bad.  Jesse Walker was our top contributor this week; you can thank him for the first video and all the links above it.  The second video was provided by Nick Tolman, and the first three links between the two by my catWendy Lyon and Luscious Lani (in that order).  The next three were supplied by Grace (except for “AIDS patients” via Women With a Vision), and the rest by Brooke Magnanti  (“Google”), Teller (“conjoined twins”), Walter Olson (“poor pets”), Kevin Wilson  (“Muppets”), EconJeff (“porn law”), Scott Greenfield (“stop & frisk”), and Lenore Skenazy (“tools”).

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