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There is one particular immigrant group in my country whose members I no longer wish to see due to a long and consistent pattern of bad experiences with them.  Unfortunately, one of the largest review forums here is run by members of this group, so now they are blocking new reviews of my services.  They aren’t slandering me with false bad reviews, but the lack of good ones has caused me to drop from visibility (I was formerly one of the highest-rated escorts on the site).  I don’t think the ethnic exclusion is the only reason, either; companions’ fees here are very low compared to the international average, and though mine are still low compared to that, they’re about twice what is normal here.  Because I have no trouble getting it, I believe the board members feel other girls will realize they can do the same and it will move the market.  The men seem to be coordinating via email to squash the girls they decide should be squashed; I have seen this happen twice in the past year.  Neither girl is in the industry any longer, despite being more beautiful than me and equally as good in service. I fear that I am next on the list.

lady and trainI honestly think your best bet is to get away from that website entirely; no presence on the site at all is better than a poor rating.  Work on maximizing the draw from your ads and your website, concentrate on regulars, play up your exclusivity and DO NOT lower your rates; in fact you might try an experiment.  Start a new persona, with no pictures; set “her” rates even higher and play up “her” exclusivity even more.  Just make sure that your contact information for the two personas is completely different so nobody even suspects they are both you.

Also, you need to expand your horizons.  If the main problem is in your own city, I suggest a tour to other large cities in your country.  Once you get the hang of touring you can expand it to neighboring countries, then eventually to the whole continent and beyond.  I realize it’s a little scary to go so far from home, but unless there’s a problem with your passport you could certainly make a great deal more abroad than in your own country, not only because the rates at home are unusually low but also because in other countries you will be seen as “exotic”.  An extended tour would also get you away from the politics at home and let the trouble die down, plus travel broadens one and a new perspective might help you to shake some of your remaining fears.  Who knows, you might even enjoy the jet-set lifestyle and decide to tour indefinitely!

Since I have never toured at all (much less internationally), I’d like to invite my escort readers with experience on the subject to contribute any additional advice in the comments (or if you prefer it to be confidential, just email it to me and I’ll forward it.)

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