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It is reasonable to wonder if the lack of scientific research involving codependency may relate to the fact that there is a strong academic bias against studying possible negative outcomes of empathy.  –  Barbara Oakley

It was another busy, busy week, trying to get all of my work done in advance for the month of July so I don’t have to take as much time while my husband’s home; I’ll also be away for a total of nine days to attend the Desiree Alliance convention in Las Vegas (five days plus two travel days each way).  And on top of that, I’m working on a scholarly paper for the Albany Law Review; it’s about five to ten times the length of a normal column and much more serious in tone, and everything has to be carefully attributed, so it’s much slower going.  However, I’m almost halfway done with the first draft and hope to get it to the editors on July 2nd.  Once it’s published in the autumn, I hope to make a PDF available so y’all can see what I sound like when I’m actually trying to sound as though my education wasn’t entirely wasted.  Anyhow, Radley Balko squeaked out everyone else, providing the three links before the first video (which was itself contributed by Kevin Wilson, along with “digital lineup”); those between the two videos came from Grace (“just wrong”), Walter Olson (“altruism”), Mike Siegel (“concrete”), Luscious Lani (“Scooby-Doo”), Emil Kirkegaard (“New Zealand”), and Scott Greenfield (“registry”).

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