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We’ll [have] the most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  –  John McCain

This was another quiet week, which was good because it gave me a sorely-needed chance to do a bit of catching up.  I’m in the home stretch with the first draft of this scholarly paper and should finish it tomorrow; revision isn’t nearly as difficult for me as initial composition, so after this it should be all downhill unless they totally hate it or something.  Anyhow, the leading contributor was Radley Balko, who provided everything down to the first video.  That was supplied by Laura Lee and was represented by the person who posted it on YouTube as a Russian tampon commercial; however, several commenters said it was actually a clip from a new spoof film called Movie 43.  In either case, it beats the hell out of the usual blue liquid, white dress and horseback riding nonsense (don’t worry, guys, it’s not yucchy).  The second video (from Marty Klein) is a Mississippi sex-ed teacher’s brilliant method of getting around his state’s ban on showing students how to use condoms, and the links between the videos were provided by Walter Olson (“poop scoop”), Grace (“hidden cost”), Mike Riggs (“welcome”), and Nun Ya (“Hello Kitty” and “gun rape”).

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