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Our ambition is really to do as little as possible.  –  Mats Löfving, Stockholm Chief of Police

If I believed in astrology, I would suspect there had been some unfavorable aspect this week in whatever house or constellation rules police, because I could’ve made this column twice as long and yet featured virtually nothing but horror stories about police brutality and other misbehavior.  But despite what the more cynical among you may think, I’m really not trying to upset y’all on purpose; I therefore picked a representative selection and will leave the rest of them to be discovered by a Google search if you’re looking for something to make yourself depressed, angry or both.  Our top contributor this week was Jesse Walker, whose selections appear above the Fangoria music mix (which he he also supplied).  Joyce Arthur provided the first link below the music, Radley Balko the next two, Popehat the fourth and Walter Olson the fifth; Brooke Magnanti supplied the video and the last link above it.  The video is a demonstration of how much American education has declined since 1946; it’s a short film on menstruation produced by Walt Disney Studios, who wouldn’t get anywhere near any sex-related topic nowadays for fear of “controversy”.

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