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Mabon 2013

Behold congenial Autumn comes, the Sabbath of the Year. –  John Logan

Autumn EquinoxSo here we are again in autumn, my favorite season of the year; the sun’s apparent path will cross the celestial equator at 20:44 UTC, which is to say 3:44 PM on my clock.  But in a sense we’ve already been here for weeks; this year’s summer was mild and lazy, and could only bring herself to nearly-full strength twice, for the second week in July and the first full week of August.  By the second full week of August she was bored with the whole thing, and we’ve been enjoying warm (and a few hot) days and cool nights ever since.  Not that I’m complaining; as a true daughter of Autumn I am always happy to see her arrive and sorry to see her go, and as far as I’m concerned Mistress Summer is more than welcome to go off-duty as early as she likes every year for the rest of my days.  That’s even more true now that I’ve arrived in the autumn of my life; though I do enjoy the change of seasons as I always have, I’m also glad that the wheel seems to turn with increasing speed as I age and the time between blessed autumns seems to grow ever shorter with the passing years.

I wish all of my readers a happy Mabon; whatever your beliefs may be, may you receive the fruits of your labor and enjoy every success and happiness in your personal, sexual, emotional and professional lives.  Blessed Be!

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