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His behavior during imprisonment convinced the authorities that [he]…was no longer to be feared.  –  The New York Times, December 20th, 1924

This week’s videos need a little more explanation than usual.  The first, provided by Mike Siegel, is an extremely moving Thai television commercial based on an urban legend which proves once again that the best way to ensure people watch your ad is to make it interesting and memorable.  The second, via Brooke Magnanti, shows what happens when metronomes are placed on a movable surface so they can transfer kinetic energy to one another (trust me, it’s a lot more interesting than it sounds).  The links above the first video were provided by Radley Balko, and those between the two by my cat,  Nun YaJesse WalkerAspasiaMike RiggsFranklin HarrisPopehatAlly Fogg,  Mistress Matisse and Dean Clark, in that order.

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