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I have recently started an account on a popular escort review site and attempted to contact several ladies, but because I don’t have an established history, they’ve all either failed to respond or turned me down because I can’t provide any referrals.  I’m sure I haven’t been lewd or inappropriate in any way, and all of my information has been forthright, so I’m hoping you can shed some light on why nobody will see me. 

Woman Avoiding a Kiss from a Man by Alberto RuggieriYou need to approach women who advertise as “newbie friendly”.  Due to the cops pursuing internet “stings” much more aggressively than in the past, many escorts have become extremely nervous in the past few years; it used to be that the majority of hookers arrested were streetwalkers (because they’re “low-hanging fruit” and cops are lazy), but due to all the hype about Backpage, federal (and even private) funds are now available for “detectives” to cruise the internet all day, attempting to trick women so they can humiliate, bind, cage and sometimes even rape them.  And while an escort who was arrested in the past could just pay a fine and be done, thanks to “trafficking” hysteria many jurisdictions won’t accept that; since the narrative is that we’re all “victims” with “pimps”, some places will hold an arrested sex worker indefinitely until she agrees to produce the name of her “pimp”…who probably doesn’t exist.  And when you add the danger of having her possessions stolen and her children abducted, you can see why many ladies are far more cautious nowadays, especially if you live in an area where the cops have adopted these evil tactics.

Escorts who advertise as “newbie friendly” use a screening system which is less dependent on referrals, and are thus more likely to see you without them.  And after you’ve seen a couple of these ladies, you can use them as referrals to see others.  Alternately, you could pay a verification service like Preferred 411 to discreetly research your background; you would then provide your P411 identification to an escort you wish to see, and if she agrees to meet she gives you an “OK” after the date.  As you accumulate “OKs” (and other referrals) you will find you have less and less difficulty in securing appointments.

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