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If you wake at night and see her, her clothes be blowing back, even in a room where there is no wind.  And you know she’s marked you for killing.  –  Anonymous Miami child, describing the she-demon called “Bloody Mary”

Just in case you’ve ever wondered who provided links that aren’t credited (and I’m sure at least a few of my more academically-inclined readers may have):  either they’re ones I found myself while doing my regular scans for material, or else I received them directly from their authors (whose names appear on said articles, natch).  Top honors this week go to Aspasia, who contributed not only the links above the first video, but also tomorrow’s guest column.  The first video was provided by my husband, and the links below it by Cthulhuchick  (“headline”), Lucy Steigerwald (“Dyatlov Pass”), Popehat (“welcome”), Jillian Keenan (“Hamlet”), Jasper Gregory (“nutritionists”), Cliterati (“boobies”),  Thaddeus Russell (“government”), Cop Block (“hijab”), and Jolene Parton  (“mythology”).  And if you don’t know who Harrison Bergeron is, this will help.

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