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Repetition is the death of magic.  –  Bill Watterson

What the hell is wrong with you, Internet?  Halloween is less than two weeks away, and I’m seeing practically no good spooky links!  The only one this time around is the first video, via Kevin Wilson; let’s get on the (eye)ball for next week, which is the last Links column before the big day!  The (scary in a bad way) links before the first video are from Radley Balko, and those between the videos from Jesse Walker (“bus”), Nun Ya (“marmosets” & “bomb”), Everyday Whorephobia (“Texas”), Pastachips (“Denmark”), Mike Riggs (“Watterson”),  Walter Olson (“Cumberbatch”), Jason Kuznicki (“pee”), ClarkHat (“stupidity” & “taboo”),  John Stossel (“spending”), Jillian Keenan (“name map”), and Wendy Lyon (“Sweden”).

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