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Continuously doing what doesn’t work…  –  Nick Andre, “Stupid”

This was such a disappointing year for Halloween items, I’m glad I recycled a bunch of old ones for tomorrow’s column.  Since I wasn’t about to let the occasion pass without a couple of spooky videos, I spent over 90 minutes yesterday screening candidates and found exactly three I thought worthwhile:  the first one isn’t scary but it’s fun and spooky; the second is very subtle and mysterious and rewards close attention; the third I’ll share next week.  Everything down to the first video was contributed by Jesse Walker, including the first of only three seasonal links; the other two appear directly after the first video and were provided by Aspasia and Nun Ya (who also gave us “headline of the week”).  Grace supplied “knife”, “never call” and “meth”, Jason Kuznicki  “WTF?”, Lenore Skenazy  “student”, Jillian Keenan “names”, Amy Alkon “note”,  Cop Block “tase” and Radley Balko “toy”.

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