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To choose one’s victims, to prepare one’s plan minutely, to slake an implacable vengeance, and then to go to bed … there is nothing sweeter in the world.  –  Josef Stalin

Swanee HuntWhen an ordinary person is angry at someone or some group of people, there isn’t a whole lot she can do about it, short of launching a personal attack.  If that anger settles into her soul and rots into a vendetta, she might dedicate her time, energy and money to slandering her enemies; if she’s a narcissistic sociopath, she might even lie to the cops in order to send them after those enemies.  And if she’s also wealthy, she can pay off officials to turn her personal vendetta into a full-fledged crusade.  Swanee Hunt is all of these things; she’s a morally-warped multi-billionaire with a personal vendetta against whores, and through her organization “Demand Abolition” has been one of the chief architects of “sex trafficking” hysteria.  She has even bankrolled an immense series of “sting” operations, with the heaviest activity in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Hunt’s bile is mostly directed toward clients and imaginary “pimps”, but she hates whores every bit as much as she hates men; it’s simply not PC for her to admit it.  Her organization’s “Nation Strategy” spells out the reason for the lie quite clearly:  “Framing the Campaign’s key target as sexual slavery might garner more support and less resistance, while framing the Campaign as combating prostitution may be less likely to mobilize similar levels of support and to stimulate stronger opposition.”  In other words, Hunt’s advisors understand that popular support for busybody interference in the lives of consenting adults is waning, and they saw the growing moral panic as an effective Trojan horse for a crusade against whores.  Despite the demonstrable fact that women are victimized by Hunt’s sponsored pogroms, the propaganda machine continues to roll just as it does everywhere the Swedish poison is sold and the lies are piled higher and deeper with each successive press release:

…Across the country…law-enforcement agencies have been adjusting their strategies for prostitution busts, and signing on to the ideas that sex workers should be treated as victims rather than criminals and that the johns should be held responsible for buying sex…Two years ago [former drug-dealer Marian] Hatcher signed on as coordinator of Sheriff Tom Dart’s National Day of Johns Arrests, which has since flourished in partnership with…Demand Abolition…the Cook County Sheriff’s Office [is] pushing the campaign to eradicate the demand for prostitution and help rehabilitate prostitutes rather than punish them…

You know, “rehabilitating” them by giving them lifelong felony arrest records or, if they’re transgender, prosecuting them as clients to get the “end demand” numbers up.

“We want to bring attention to eradicate demand or put a huge dent in it,” Hatcher says. “If there’s nothing to manage, [the pimps] will have to find another business”…

effect of end demand policies
This is total and complete bullshit as well; “end demand” policies actually increase prostitution, and the fraction of sex work which is “managed” by pimps is so small the “authorities” wouldn’t notice if it were to vanish tomorrow.  But you wouldn’t know it to read this misogynistic dreck from the AP, which portrays women as infantile, spineless basket-cases at the mercy of all-powerful males:

…Some might see these interludes as exchanges between consenting adults…if the prostitute is, indeed, an adult and seemingly free to come and go as she pleases.  They may call it a victimless crime, seeing domestic prostitution as something very different from human sex trafficking…But are they so different, after all?  Increasingly, experts in the field are saying no, and applying the label human trafficking to homegrown prostitution.  And now more lawmakers, police and prosecutors across the country are starting to shift their view on this, too.  Increasingly, they are focusing on arresting traffickers and customers (pimps and johns, as it were) and on getting help for prostitutes…

No, “experts” are saying no such thing, unless money and an axe to grind are enough to qualify someone as an “expert”.  The real “experts”, sex workers and those who have studied our lives without preconceptions, say just the opposite: that most so-called “sex trafficking” is a rational decision made from among limited options.  They also increasingly say that decriminalization, not the Swedish model or its siblings, (and certainly not “re-education” disguised as “help”) is the way to improve the lives of sex workers.  But that’s not the only part of the article that plays fast and loose with the facts:

…As of this year, Illinois became one of several states where prostitution is no longer a felony.  It’s also one of a growing number where a minor cannot be charged with prostitution, even as a misdemeanor.  Meanwhile, prosecutors in Cook County…have been using new state laws to put more traffickers in jail…

No, it was one of only eleven states where prostitution could be a felony; in the other 39 (not merely “several”) it never has been.  The author is trying to make Illinois look progressive, when it fact it was until recently one of the two worst!  Also, minors who aren’t charged with prostitution are still charged with lots of other things to keep them under the state’s thumb, and as for “jailing more traffickers”, take a look at this link again.  But why are the cops cooperating with one sick, twisted woman’s agenda?  Well, besides its political popularity and the fact that Chicago cops are always looking for another excuse to hurt people, there’s this: “Cook County Sheriff’s police also run regular sting operations…johns must pay a fine.  Police also impound their cars…”  But lest you think it’s only Chicago that Hunt’s loathsome tentacles have reached:

…Sgt. Craig Friesen, head of the vice unit…in Anaheim, Calif…[said] “I never met any prostitute who said, ‘This was my ultimate goal in life,'” Friesen says.  “They’ve all been brought into this life by someone.  They’ve been exploited by someone.”

Yes, ALL of us, every single one.  Because you know women aren’t smart enough or mature enough to think of stuff like that out of our own pretty little heads.  But California politicians sure are, and they know a gravy train when they see one:

Los Angeles County officials…unanimously called for stricter penalties for men who seek out underage prostitutes, urging state lawmakers to require that “johns” who pay to have sex with children face felony rather than misdemeanor charges, be required to register as sex offenders and pay higher fines…

Notice that lightning-quick shift from “underage” (which could be 17-looks-like-20) to “children”.  Another story on the same topic is more specific about those fines:  “raising the fine from $1,000 to $10,000 [and] seizing property if necessary to pay the fine…”  Because those LA politicians care so very much about the “trafficked children”,women being helped in Cook County they’re going to make a great deal of money pimping them out for this tragedy porn, just like Chicago. And just like Swanee Hunt, who’s willing to sell thousands of women into cages in a futile attempt to slake a thirst for vengeance that can never be satisfied because its actual target is out of her reach.

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