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Sex worker rights are human rights, and there can never be too many voices speaking up for them, nor too many occasions on which to speak.  –  “Never Too Many

Stepping Out by Laura Lee ZanghettiDespite a good track record, every so often I fail to follow through on something I plan to do on this blog.  This is one of those times; I had originally planned to note every Friday the 13th post made by a reader, and every donation on that day as well…and I utterly failed to do so.  Now, I must point out that on that morning I was meeting up with my fiery red-headed girlfriend in a rather nice hotel room in Las Vegas, after not having seen her for a month; I’m sure y’all can understand how incredibly distracting that was.  We stayed in Vegas for a couple of days, then drove to Reno on Sunday and the rest of the way to Seattle on Monday, and when I got here I hit the ground running and have barely stopped since.  On top of that, I’ve been unable to access my usual means of doing emails since I left home more than a month ago, so as you can imagine my usual organization is totally out the window.  Today, however, I should be able to keep tabs for most of the day, so I’m going to do something unusual:  if you did an essay last time or this time, link to it in the comments and I’ll edit this column to include it later.  And remember, if you can’t write, donations via PayPal (maggiemcneill@earthlink.net) are always very welcome and very helpful!  And if you’re a brand-spanking-new reader and don’t know what the hell I’m even talking about with this Friday the 13th jazz, check out the embedded links!

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