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Diary #248

Maggie's 1st selfieWhen I wrote last week’s diary, I was only barely keeping up with my work, but I’ve been slowly getting all the distractions out of my way and I’ve actually managed to get up to about three days ahead again; that’s not great, but it’s at least breathing room.  All last week Jae was hard at work helping Savannah Sly with her musical, which was performed on Sunday night at the Highway 99 Blues Club; I wasn’t directly involved but I helped out all I could (mostly by driving people hither and yon).  I also got to meet Dr. Charles Hill to talk about some research on sex work he wants to do, and did a little of the Good Work myself (though I still have a way to go before I achieve a normal rate of business again; 100 clients a day my arse!)  Those of you who laughed at my tech-reluctance will also be glad to know that I’m even getting used to my “smart” phone, as evidenced by this selfie (taken in a local cafe).  For a while the only way to keep myself from being constantly annoyed by an incessant series of “alerts” was to mute the sound for such things, but now I’ve figured out how to turn off the sound for everything other than text messages, Twitter DMs and business emails, and to assign each of those a different sound.  Jae says they’ll have me in 2015 eventually, but I certainly hope it doesn’t happen too soon.

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