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Diary #245

My first few weeks in Seattle have been incredibly hectic; in addition to normal difficulties of relocation and moving in with another adult person, I have business issues, divorce-related issues, blog writing, activism, increased social interaction, my return to active sex work, practical concerns and the extra time investment that always comes with a new relationship.  Given all this, I’m thoroughly amazed that I have managed to keep up with most of it on something resembling a timely basis.  Now that the computer and phone issues are (mostly) resolved, the banking details are in process, the space issues are mostly resolved and Sex Worker Rights Day week over, perhaps I can finish dealing with taxes, deal with my advertising and figure out our travel for next month.  At least, that’s the plan!  If you’d like to reduce my stress level with a donation or booking, I would greatly appreciate it!  And I promise I’ll get back to work on The Essential Maggie McNeill as soon as I’ve managed to bring my days back down to about the 16-hour level.  In the meantime, please enjoy this drawing by reader François, in which a fantasy avatar of yours truly lays low the dragon of disinformation.  Barbarianess

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