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0531152328Last week was another behind-the-scenes busy one; though I was kept running and had to make the time to do even the basic writing I expect of myself, none of it but the decorating (which will probably be finished this week) was anything any of y’all would be interested in hearing about.  Well, maybe that’s not entirely true; part of the problem was that I got into a rather stupid funk over last Monday’s anniversary  and it combined with homesickness and a few other issues to agitate the Things under my mental stairs, so that they commenced a most frightful howling which only got louder over the weekend.  I’m feeling very tired and beat-up as of this writing (five hours before posting time), so I hope you’ll forgive me if I keep this short.  I have just three other things I’d like to say before wrapping up.  First, on Friday I was reminded of just what a wonderful ex-husband I have; I got in a minor car accident (my fault), and because I’m still on Matt’s  insurance until we do the divorce paperwork, it will probably increase his rates.  I put off calling him for hours because I expected him to yell at me for my carelessness, but when I finally did he took it in stride, said something to the effect that “these things happen”, and told me how much he appreciated my being such a decent & civilized ex-wife.  On Sunday, I was quoted in a Politifact column debunking the “average whore dies after seven years” lie, and readers in Vancouver, BC may be interested in knowing that I’ll be participating in the Red Umbrella March in your fair city on June 13th, accompanied by several of my activist friends.

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