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bed of rosesWell, there are all kinds of things going on right now, but I can’t tell you about most of them because they’re sort of behind the scenes.  Suffice to say that I’m making some changes which should increase my income, and among those changes is training in a few specialized skills that I previously lacked.  I know, I’m a terrible tease; you’ll just have to watch Twitter or inquire discreetly if you’re dying to know (especially if you think you might be interested in more than an academic fashion).  I’m starting to firm up the schedule for my tour to Oklahoma; right now it looks like I’ll be leaving Seattle on Sunday July 26th, spending the night in Boise or therabouts, ending up in Denver on the 27th, moving on to Wichita on the 28th & arriving at my ranch on the 29th.  But that’s not by any means set in stone, and I’m not exactly sure when in August I’m coming back (though it’ll probably be the week of the 11th).  There are also some developments on the activism front: beside my trip to Vancouver this coming Saturday for the Red Umbrella March, Mistress Matisse and I visited with a reporter over dinner yesterday, and on July 19th SWOP Seattle will welcome Kaytlin Bailey for an appearance in our variety show at the Highway 99 Blues Club.  Also, just yesterday I received a thumb drive that Grace sent from home with my book on it; I’ll be starting to work on that again right away.  I’m sorry it has taken so long; as part of my apology, please accept this picture from my old escort website, taken when I was a mere 34 years old.  It was also on the drive Grace sent; perhaps if y’all are very nice to me I may share others.  Yes, that’s teasing again; I’m afraid I can’t help it.

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