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Diary #260

ComedyVariety.72Last week was, in a word, intense.  From Wednesday morning until Saturday evening I barely stopped at all, but absolutely none of it was bad; I spent a lovely evening with a new friend, learned a couple of things about myself, got a makeover, picked up a new skill, and then spent Sunday evening unwinding.  In fact, I unwound so successfully that I let my Links column go up incomplete yesterday; it’s not something I generally allow to happen, but this week should be less hectic (though I’d welcome a few more dates to fill it in some!)  This is as good an opportunity as any to call your attention to SWOP-Seattle’s sex worker variety show, coming up in only four weeks; I’m going to be the emcee and I’m excited to be introducing a few ladies you may know, including our headliner Kaytlin Bailey and my very own girlfriend Jae.  All in all, things are picking up nicely, and should be in full swing by the time I leave for Oklahoma around July 26th.  Remember, if you’d like to see me on that trip you only have a few weeks left to contact me!

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