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Back Issue: August 2014

To hear the cops tell it, they’re the “thin blue line” that stands between civilization and a species of chaos resembling Mad Max meets Lord of the Flies in the midst of an immense drunken free-for-all in Somalia.
–  “Bait and Switch

Even with only one holiday,  Lammas, August had plenty of regular features:  the guest columnist was Marijke Vonk; the fictional interlude was “Coming Up Short“; the harlotography was “Liu Rushi“; the Q&A columns were “Bad Idea“, “The Wrong Track“, “Screen, Screen, Screen“, and “Getting Caught“; and the Cliterati reprints were “Prudesville“, “Business As Usual“, and “Another Fine Mess“.  That leaves only “844,739“, a paean to Waffle House; “The Monsters Are Due“, an old Twilight Zone episode about moral panic; “New Excuse“, my first full-length statement that the War on Whores is the new War on Drugs; “Making It Up As They Go“, a look at how “sex trafficking” hysterics literally just make things up; and “Bait and Switch“, an explanation of how police departments create “child sex predators” out of ordinary young men. 

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