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Diary #372

I’ve been buying and selling real estate since 1991, and the thing I’ve learned best about it is that I really hate buying and selling real estate.  Sunset is the third place I’ve bought to live in, and I also owned a rental property in Oklahoma that I sometimes used as an incall.  Well, I sold that one a few weeks ago, or rather I should say I agreed to sell it; two days after it was listed, the agent showed it to a man who immediately made an offer which I accepted…and then the bureaucracy and paperwork began.  We finally closed yesterday, giving me enough money to pay off the taxman and some bills and provide a cushion for Grace’s second trip, starting this Thursday.  She estimates it will take four altogether, of which the first was the heaviest and most difficult; this next one will include some of our other vehicles, and I’m really rather looking forward to being able to drive my convertible again.  But mostly, I’m just looking forward to being done with the move and settled in at Sunset, and only having to drive for a couple of hours to relax in the country instead of having to travel across half a continent. 

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