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Diary #371

If you’ve been following my diaries recently, you know what a huge pain the move to Washington has been so far.  But the radiator replacement was finally done last Wednesday morning (costing about twice what I anticipated), and Grace and Chekhov finally got back on the road a little after noon.  That same day I realized that the coming heat wave would make it uncomfortably warm to work at my incall, so after buying and installing (with my own soft little hands!) a new air conditioner, I hit the road for Sunset and met the weary travelers with hot pizza.  I had at first planned to stay overnight, but on the way down I realized how stupid that was; it made much more sense to unload in the cool of the night, then drive back through Tacoma in the wee small hours when there’s no appreciable traffic.  So that was what I did; I only unloaded the back of the truck because my crew insisted that everything in the trailer was too heavy for my delicate princessness.  By the time I was done they were asleep, and I returned to Seattle; I went back on Saturday to find everything unloaded and the place beginning to look a little like a home, including the two cats.  And after dinner, I actually asked for the window to be closed because I was getting chilly.  In August.  While a heat wave was going on in Seattle.  Internet service is due to be installed on Monday, and on Thursday the 17th they’ll be heading back to Oklahoma for the next load; let’s hope this trip goes without any problems!  And by the by, I’ll be in San Francisco for the last three days of this month; if you’d like an appointment during that time, please let me know ASAP!

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