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Back Issue: July 2015

Every once in a while someone does something so clearly wrong, so obviously rude and so predictably off-putting that one has to wonder if he might not have been under the influence of some potent psychoactive drug at the time.  –  “Too Many Cooks

It’s strange to think that as of this month, the “back issue” feature has gone on for two years longer than the blog had existed when the feature started; it’s even stranger to realize that before much longer I plan to start a feature looking back ten years!  This one will also need to change before it shrinks out of sight; once the holidays (“My Police State, ‘Tis of Thee” for July 4th, “Fifth Anniversary“, and “Saint Mary Magdalene“); the guest columnist (Hawk Kinkaid); the fictional interlude (“Willpower“); and the Q&A columns (“Mixed Signals“, “New Girl in Town“, “Dating Game“, and “A Friend in Need“) are set aside, the only columns left to describe are “Seizing Power” (a megalomaniacal local US politician interferes with sex workers all over the globe); “Too Many Cooks” (my reaction to “helpful suggestions to improve” my blog); “Fit To Print” (a gossip rag outs a client without reason or solid evidence); “Caution to the Winds” (I start escorting under my famous name); and “If You Want Something Done Right…” (a brave sex worker shoots a serial killer).

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