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Any week in which I see four of my favorite clients is a good one.  It was also lovely to take Jae out to Sunset for a couple of nights, and to spend the time mostly relaxing, eating, drinking, watching superhero movies, getting high and planning the next few construction projects (not in that order).  The place is starting to shape up; everything is still in considerable disarray and the list of necessary repairs and renovations is long, plus the dry season that close to the rain forest is very short.  But as long as I have enthusiastic and competent helpers and the money keeps coming in, we should eventually get around to doing everything I want done out there (which is more than I could have ever said for poor, lamented Avalon).  Now, last week wasn’t perfect; I didn’t get any work done on the new book, nor did I make much progress toward getting my overdue taxes paid; my summer anxiety is making it very hard to sleep properly or go for very long without drugs, and trying to get established with a new online pharmacy after my old one shut down has been an immense pain.  But I’ll take “didn’t get everything I wanted done” over “disaster accompanied by deep depression” any day, especially when all the nice things were so very nice.  And here’s to at least a few more months of that.

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