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Last week was another lovely one, full of gifts and good clients!  Robin Aguilar sent me a snakeskin-print bodysuit which I’ll be modelling for y’all when it gets a bit cooler; I also got a compact music system for my incall from Siggi Bjarnason; and a new Chromebook (to replace my trusty but now-failing one) from J.A. Sutherland!  I suspect all these generous gents were inspired by either my anniversary, or Friday the 13th, or both; if you missed those occasions last week but would like to send a gift or donation, I don’t mind when things come in a bit late.  Really I don’t.  Anyhow, I was also on Tina Dupuy‘s show last week, and by the time you read this I should have half of the essays for The Essential Maggie McNeill edited, which means it’s on course to be available in August.  All that and an impromptu selfie, too!  I thought my hair was a bit too messy here, but everybody seemed to like it on Twitter.  And I guess a picture where I look kinda like I just got out of bed (actually, the shower) can’t help but be sexy.

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