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Diary #421

Last week was a relatively quiet one, with a normal amount of work; this allowed me to get caught up on a number of things without stressing about money.  In fact, I actually got my income taxes paid, which is a huge strain of of my mind; that lets me devote most of the rest of my income for this year to the various projects that need to be done at Sunset, such as fixing the floor, correcting the drainage problem which contributed to damaging it in the first place, and expanding the animal pens.  I was there overnight Saturday; Jae wanted to help out with some of the work, and it gave me an excuse to visit.  So Friday night I switched to my new phone; I knew the transfer would take some time, and I figured the best day to do that was one in which I wouldn’t need the phone to work.  There were a few problems, but not too bad, and about 14 hours after I started the process the automated part was done; I uploaded this picture of my blue girl’s first rose of the season from the new phone.  Redoing all my contacts by hand is a huge pain in the arse, but at least everything’s there to update; maybe by the time I am forced to get another phone, they’ll actually have the process streamlined a bit.

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