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Diary #492

Last Tuesday night I went with Lorelei to see a new musical of Mrs. Doubtfire; I’ve never seen the original Robin Williams vehicle but I was familiar with the premise, so I was quite pleased when the musical was very funny, with a top-notch cast.  That was just the start of my week; on Wednesday evening I waited until about 8 pm (after the traffic died down) to leave for Sunset and had a lovely drive.  We had a fairly big Thankgiving this year; beside the usual guests we invited several younger escorts who don’t have local family, and did it pot-luck style.  Since I was only in charge of preparing the turkey & stuffing, I kept finding myself feeling as though there was something I should be doing because I usually have to do everything.  But once I got used to it, the decreased pressure was rather nice!  The day was so relaxing, in fact, that discoving there was a water leak under the house couldn’t ruin my mood.  As it turned out, the leak was from one of the old pipes which we recently replaced; we discovered a while back that the additions made to the house in the early ’50s were strictly Amateur Hour, and one example of just how amateur is that the pipe which originally fed water to the toilet was taken directly off of the house main at the back instead of coming off of the main after the shutoff valve.  As a result, there was no way to shut it off without shutting off water at the storage tank, which means that even though the pipe was cut off and capped it still had water in it…which apparently froze Wednesday night.  But we got it all fixed by Friday afternoon in time to cut and decorate a tree, and since I’ve owned rural property for 17 years it wasn’t even all that stressful to me.  And it felt good to come back to Seattle on Saturday knowing that I’ll be back at Sunset in just a few weeks.

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