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Since all of my travel and appointments collapsed due to the virus panic, I saw no particular reason to remain in Seattle over the weekend.  So I went out to Sunset for a few days to tend to my chickens, which included repairing and cleaning out the henhouse and expanding the chicken yard.  The henhouse is now entirely contained within the expanded yard, which should prevent any fences from being destroyed by a certain pony scratching herself on it, and keep a certain pig from pushing the door open and eating all the chicken feed.  We’re also in the process of staining the bookcases, and watched a couple of movies while stoned.  Our usual practice is to pick a movie with a light or very familiar plot, bright colors, and lots of music; this time our selections were The Wizard of Oz and Earth Girls Are Easy; I had completely forgotten just how Eighties the latter was (and despite owning the DVD, I’m not sure I’ve actually seen it since I did in the theater 32 years ago; I don’t usually like romantic comedies but I had kind of a thing for Julie Brown).  That’s about all I have to tell, except that the proof for The Essential Maggie McNeill, Volume II has arrived, and I’ll be reading it this week before going out to Sunset again to wait for all the politicians to stop turning an epidemic into a pissing contest.

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