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Diary #508

Last Thursday I came out to Sunset, because there’s nothing going on in Seattle anyway and I might as well spend my time getting stuff done out at Sunset (because there’s a lot to do).  On top of that I don’t really want Grace to be alone more than necessary, and Chekov’s return has been delayed due to the virus panic.  In the past few days I finished rebuilding the chicken yard, cleaned out the henhouse in preparation for the new chicks, helped Grace do some electrical work, cleaned out the garage from the stuff that’s never been properly unpacked and stored since the move, and set Jae to finishing the bookcases.  As of this writing (Sunday night) the east bank of three cases is completely done, and by the time you read this the north bank will probably be mostly done; with any luck, by next week I’ll have my books properly shelved again.  And yes, I’ll share pictures!

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