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Bathhouse 13

I was in Seattle for most of this week, but last week I was at Sunset working hard on the bathhouse project.  I continued building the deck until I ran out of lumber (because the nearest Home Depot is incompetently run), then on Monday the 10th I cut all the posts to uniform height and put down the plastic sheeting as I did for the other two phases.  The next day I spread gravel while our hired man finished digging the new French drain (it’s that dip running straight down the middle of the posts in this picture); it felt so good to finally have all the ground prep done before I went back to town!  Grace also finished wiring the hot tub into the new breaker box, and we measured out the main cable that will run from the main input down to the junction box; she and Chekhov ran it through the conduit and put it in place while I was in Seattle.  I returned to Sunset yesterday to find more wood waiting for me, and today I’ll be working on the foundation for the second guest cottage.  We plan to start building it on Sunday, but next week I’ll just show you the foundation; I’ll be much too busy working on the cottage to show you that work for two weeks yet!

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