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Diary #530

On Thursday morning I woke up at Sunset, came downstairs, looked out the back door and immediately turned on my phone to catch this picture.  Orville used to pass directly through this area on his way to look for green apples falling from the tree, but he quickly discovered that he didn’t especially like what we’ve put in his way.  He hasn’t tried it again since; I don’t think he liked coming down the ramp.  And once the roof and walls are in place, he won’t be able to get in anyway.  Besides, not many apples fall directly onto the deck (though I had an Isaac Newton experience on Sunday).  But while the apples aren’t yet ripe, the plums definitely are; I made a cobbler Sunday evening, and I think I’m going to make jam this coming weekend.  It looks as though we’ll be finished most of the second cottage by Friday, and I don’t need to return to Seattle until Monday, and we aren’t yet ready to start on the roof just yet.  And it’ll be nice to have homemade jam again for the first time since I left Oklahoma.

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