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Bathhouse 69

And here it is at last: all the coarse roof work is done, and I’ve moved on to the finish work.  If you look closely at the northwest leaf (running from center to center left in this picture), you can see that I had to put in several extra braces and supports to get the design to work without letting any rainwater through.  But the work paid off, because the next time it rained the only places that got wet were the areas between the sections, and once the ridgecaps were in place (which I accomplished in two days last week), there was an immediate and dramatic reduction in leaking.  I spent last Friday caulking the spots where water was still getting through, and at last it’s possible to walk around the entire area without getting wet unless the wind blows it in from the sides.  As I said last week, that work really doesn’t show up well in pictures, but I’m going to try to get a good shot showing the ridgecaps for next Friday’s column, by which point I should be finished installing the gutters if the weather cooperates.

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