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Bathhouse 70

Last week started out dry enough that I was able to get up on the roof and fix the one persistent leak we still had.  It was in the first roof section involving multiple panel directions; I hadn’t learned yet to think about how the rainwater would flow, so I attached one section under a joint when it should’ve gone over, thus producing a steady drip that grew worse as a rainstorm continued.  It would’ve been a nightmare to take it all apart and redesign it, but fortunately I didn’t have to; I simply used a few short pieces to install an outer layer to act as a guard, the sealed the edges with silicone.  I didn’t have to wait long to test it; last Thursday it rained cats and dogs all day, and not a single leak.  So I can now declare the roof officially solid!  I still have to install gutters and trim out a few spots that don’t look nice, but at least we can now walk from the back door to either cottage without getting wet.  I can leave the tools there safely overnight, and we were even able to work on the walls Thursday while it was raining, safe and dry within the atrium.  You’ll see pictures of that next week, but here’s the current one; I tried to get a picture which would clearly show the ridgecap, but most of the angles made it look really strange or bent, so I settled on this one.

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