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Bathhouse 71

The cottage kits came with materials to build decorative railings around the porch areas, which we didn’t use because we were incorporating the cottages into the larger structure.  So when it came time to build the external walls for the atrium, I decided to see if those leftover parts might be useable (which would save both time and money).  Lo and behold, many of the logs were exactly the right length to build the south wall (right side of the picture), and less than two hours after I went to look at our stock, I had the wall in place.  The north wall (left side of the picture) was much trickier, but with the help of Grace and a table saw, we were able to get it done by early the following afternoon.  I was really jazzed because not only did I get to save money, time, and effort, I also feel as though the new walls are aesthetically pleasing in that they match the cottages.  The top halves of both walls will soon be screened, but I haven’t done that yet; over the next few weeks you’ll see what I have been doing, and I think you’ll be impressed.  The atrium has quickly gone from looking mostly like an outdoor construction site to mostly like a big room, and now that I’m done with the excruciatingly-slow roof-building, this part feels like it’s being accomplished at lightning speed.

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