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Bathhouse 76

I was really very pleased with how this little porch on the north side of the annex came out.  I did the screen before I left for my road trip, but hadn’t yet installed the door; I did that Monday of last week.  It took me all afternoon because I’ve never done anything like that before, and didn’t want to screw it up.  So I made very sure the frame was straight, and took my time with each step because I recognized that the instructions were assuming the door would be used as an outer layer directly in front of a solid door, rather than separated from it by a sort of vestibule as it is here (the fact that it was being mounted on an incline also necessitated some modification).  But in the end, it works perfectly; the automatic closer works as it should, as does the latch.  I still need to put a ceiling on it to keep insects out, and of course it still needs paint and siding.  But the hardest part is done, and I keep finding excuses to pass this way just so I can have the satisfying experience of watching the screen door close itself.

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