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Annex 78

As of my writing this, there are only a few tasks left to finish phase 5 of my annex project, and by the time you read it I wiil probably be finished with most of them.  Late last week, I bought everything I still needed, and except for painting the exposed steel, most of the remaing tasks are already partly done and will probably each take just an afternoon to complete.  They’re all small things like you can see in this picture; finishing the hot tub enclosure, framing the bathroom wall, etc.  Actually, there will be another bathroom wall, separating it from the passage to the north porch, but we’ll hold off building that one until we get the bathroom fixtures in because it’ll be much easier to bring large things in through an open wall than to try wrangling them in through a doorway.  We’re already working out what’s needed to build the shower, and I’ve marked the features out with masking tape.  But you’ll need to wait a few more weeks before I show you that; there are a few other features waiting to be seen first (such as the wellroom door, the siding, and the wall which would be to your left if you were standing in the spot I was to take this picture), and I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

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