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Diary #635

Last Tuesday morning I went down to the kitchen to pour myself another cup of tea, and when I looked out the kitchen window, this was what I saw.  I ran back upstairs, grabbed my phone, then took this through the sliding glass door in my living room; I didn’t dare open the door because it could’ve frightened them.  They grazed for about ten minutes or so, then decided to head out my front gate and down the lane.  Being close to nature is one of the things I like best about living in the country; there’s something beautiful and wholesome about wild animals of all kinds coming up near the house like this, and I always give them space to do whatever it was they came to do.  A few years ago we even had a mama bear and her two cubs come onto the north lawn in search of fallen apples; Grace called he dog in to keep him from enraging mama by barking at her cubs, and after they ate what they wanted they left as peaceably as they had come.  Lots of people like to flap their gums about living in harmony with Nature, but I feel very blessed to have found the opportunity to actually do it.

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