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Annex 97

Back in October, I drained the hot tub for its regular cleaning, but while refilling it I walked away to fix dinner and forgot to check on it until it nearly overflowed.  Over the next few days I noticed something odd: the water level was slowly dropping.  Since it had never done that before and the problem started immediately after the overfill, I suspected the two were related, so I talked to my spa guru and he told me I’d probably have to let the draining continue until I could tell which area it was coming from.  Once I had localized it to a set of two jets in one of the seat areas, I used silicone sealant around the fixture, assuming a gasket had developed a leak.  That did not, however, seem to help, so I had to climb underneath to remove the side panel while adding water so I could see what was going on.  That proved even more confusing, because from what I could tell the water was going up one of the Venturi tubes.  So I decided to let it all sit through the holidays to give any trapped water time to drain or evaporate, then last week I refilled the tub and the level stayed firm all afternoon.  But when I turned on the power, I saw that the control panel stayed dark; the jets all activated anyway, and there was no way to turn them off without cutting the power.  Furthermore, I was able to spot a drip coming from somewhere in the tangle of tubes underneath; it was pretty obvious my overflow had ruined the control panel and that in turn was causing a leak in the pumping system.  So I ordered and installed a new panel; the only other issue is a leaky seal beside the heater, and my guru has shipped me the proper seals so I can fix that.  And though it cost me almost $200 I can’t afford right now, that’s a lot better than a leak in the body of the tub! 

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