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Diary #660

Though another cold snap is due to roll in late tomorrow night, it’s predicted to move through pretty quickly; in general, we’re seeing some pretty mild early-spring type weather.  The animals are grazing on little green shoots and sunning themselves, and when I go out to give Cicero his morning peanuts he usually comes from the barn, where he’s hanging out with Shiloh and Jonathan.  I don’t believe he actually eats hay, but he’s a very social animal so he likes to be with Shiloh and Jonathan wherever they are, and lately they’ve been breakfasting on the hay I moved in there last week.   Anyhow, I’m not unhappy it’s warming up; though my favorite season is autumn, I prefer spring to winter.  I’m not really a fan of extremes, and this winter seemed unusually bitter (of course, that may just be age talking).  If I had my druthers, spring and autumn would arrive early and stay late, and summer and winter would be well-behaved temperature-wise and last only a couple of months each.  But here in the real world, I’ll be satisfied if the weather doesn’t ruin my apple crop this year, and we get the wood-burning stove installed in the atrium long before the arrival of autumn. 

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