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Diary #661

I decided to cook gumbo on Mardi Gras, so I invited Chekhov and Yellowbird over (because my sister’s recipe makes a lot of gumbo).  When I did, Chekhov reminded me that Yellowbird’s birthday is the same week, so I decided to make it a small birthday celebration as well.  That of course means cake, in this case devil’s food; I probably should’ve put a thicker coat of frosting between the two layers, but though it may not have been the prettiest cake in the world everyone still enjoyed it.  See, though all of my sisters are good cooks. we are all different, and I’m not the one who actually had a side-gig decorating wedding cakes (that sister is also not the one who perfected the gumbo recipe).  The other three specialize in one area each, but it probably won’t surprise you to hear that I’m the generalist.  And though that’s convenient because I like a lot of variety in my diet, presentation is not exactly my strong point.

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