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Sex. In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact. –  Marlene Dietrich

A collection of short, only tangentially related articles from elsewhere on the internet.

Actually, This Is Good News

The Dutch government has announced that it plans to start collecting sales and income taxes on prostitution.  And while some Dutch whores are unhappy about it, they’re not looking at the big picture.  Taxation is a drug to government; once it becomes used to a “fix” of a certain level it will not under any circumstances voluntarily sever that income stream.  Nevada realizes this, which is why it has steadfastly refused to tax legal prostitution in its state. Once a government becomes addicted to the revenue generated by harlotry, prohibitionists can kiss any chance of recriminalization goodbye, so they are the staunchest opponents of taxing prostitutes and we should be among the staunchest proponents of it.

Doublethink in Modesto

Brandy Devereaux recently reported on a police “sting” of streetwalkers’ clients in Modesto, California in which 26 men were arrested.  But Modesto is apparently affected by a strange kind of doublethink, because the story contains the following paragraph:

Prostitution is a victimless crime; the charges and fines are often minor.  “What are you doing tonight,”  but what these women see from the men they meet behind closed doors can be revealing.  And, strangely enough the prostitutes become valuable crime fighting tools.  “They’ll get the license plate on these individuals.  And, when we end up running them we come to find out their sexual predators, violent sexual offenders and they’re not supposed to be around any of this,” says Deputy Marc Nuno during a brief break from patrol.

If this attitude is the norm in the Modesto police department, why the hell was public money spent on a sting?  If Deputy Nuno isn’t just stating his own opinion and Modesto cops recognize that hookers can help them catch sexual predators, why on Earth are they harassing these women and trying to hurt their business?  Why not grant them amnesty and ask for their help?

Sex Workers Against Trafficking

This short advertisement from SWOP Chicago was recently disseminated on SWOP, Bound, Not Gagged and a number of other sites.  This isn’t news to any of my regular readers, but I think it deserves as widespread exposure as possible in answer to the trafficking fanatics who constantly classify all sex workers as either enslaved victims or enslaving “pimps”.

I Really Shouldn’t Even LOOK At an Issue of Cosmopolitan

No, I don’t read it.  But sometimes one finds oneself waiting in a slow line at Wal-Mart, or for the nurse to call one’s name for a doctor’s appointment, or for one’s nails to dry, and the only other magazines available are Sports Illustrated, People and a copy of Highlights for Children one has already read.  At that point, if your name is Maggie McNeill you sigh and open up the nearby issue of Cosmo…and immediately begin to chuckle, roll your eyes, say “yeah, right!” or even laugh out loud at the magazine’s juvenile, absurd and often ass-backward ideas on sex advice.  Over the years I’ve discovered that Cosmo’s “sex tricks” tend to fall into five main categories:

1)  The completely bloody obvious;
2)  Basic stuff I’ve known since I was 16;
3)  Retreads of things they’ve suggested 6,234 times before;
4)  Things far too complicated to be remotely practical; and
5)  Things that would have no worthwhile effect on 90% of men.

And then there’s the “advice” whose stupidity defies analysis, like the one I remember from the early ’90s in which the writer claimed one could have sex with a man without letting him see one’s behind.  Yes, she clearly believed it was not only possible but desirable; the mind boggles.  I’m not going to go into detail about the cover collection linked above, but I am compelled to comment on two language issues:  First, the term is “buck naked”, not “butt naked”; and second, if I ever see the term “va-jay-jays” on a magazine cover again I shall not be responsible for my actions.

Raise Your Hand if You’re Tired of Hearing About Silvio Berlusconi

Talk about “Dog Bites Man”; he’s an Italian politician, yet everyone keeps acting surprised that he has a history of consorting with hookers.  Am I missing something?  Fellow whores, seriously; do any of you girls find this any less of a yawn-fest than I do?

Why Would You Want To?

OK, I understand nobody wants to be fired.  And maybe I’m prejudiced because I’ve never had any trouble getting jobs.  But honestly, would you want to work at a place that didn’t want you?  My mind boggles at the concept of trying to force an employer to keep me on rather than just going someplace else, especially if the employer had a certain “look” it was trying to maintain and I violated that look.  Perhaps it’s pride, but this is just too much like begging for me to be comfortable with it.  I reckon it’s part of the Cult of Victimhood, but I just can’t imagine wanting to be known as someone who got fired from a strip club for being too old.  Why not just go to a regular restaurant?  This rather reminds me of the guys who try to get jobs as “Hooters girls”.

Sweden’s Ultra-progressive Views on Women

We’ve talked before about the various asinine ways in which cops and prosecutors imagine they can infallibly determine which women are prostitutes, and we’ve also discussed the manner in which the Swedish Pimpocracy uses women while proclaiming its support for our rights.  So it may interest you to know that two Swedish footballers were recently convicted of paying for sex on the grounds that they “should” have known the girls were prostitutes “on account of their clothing and make-up and the fact that they spoke English with a thick accent.”  If I didn’t know that Sweden is such a champion of women’s rights, I might be tempted to call that…well, misogynistic.  Good thing I know better.

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