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Heroism—that is the disposition of a man who aspires to a goal compared to which he himself is wholly insignificant.  –  Friedrich Nietzsche

In our lifetimes we have seen the collectivists redefine the word “hero” from its traditional meaning to “anyone who survives a nasty experience”, then more recently to “anyone who works for a government in any job which might carry some element of danger.”  And now, apparently, police departments are trying to refine the word again, to mean “a cop who shoots unarmed citizens in the back”.  Somehow, I think the latest redefinition isn’t going to catch on in the public mind; oppressive regimes often award cops medals and citations for brutalizing people and enforcing tyrannical decrees, but such awards of “heroism” never seem to mean much to those on the receiving end of the brutality.

There is a popular myth (promoted by cops themselves) that the job of police is to protect people, but this is not true and never was; the job of police is to enforce laws and arrest those who break the laws.  Police are not empowered to act to “protect” anyone when no law has been broken, and they themselves inflict considerable harm on those whom they declare (whether truthfully or not) to be in violation of arbitrary laws which are not designed to protect anyone.  Furthermore, the Supreme Court of the United States specifically ruled in 2005 that police do not have the duty to protect people from harm.  Yet, gun-control fanatics live in a fantasyland (based no doubt on television cop dramas) where the police nearly always arrive in time to “protect” people…despite the fact that common sense, statistics and the highest judiciary in the country all say otherwise.  And even when the law clearly requires police to act, they are notoriously disinterested if the victim is a prostitute.

It seems pretty clear that a wise person provides for his own defense, and this is especially true for whores.  But when a person foolishly fails to exercise due diligence, or when proper protective measures fail or are overwhelmed, it’s good to have backup.  And since the cops are incapable even when they don’t pose as great a danger as the original threat, who’s a working girl to call on?  Well, a group of weapons and combat experts in New York have volunteered for the job; last week Brandy called my attention to this story about the New York Initiative, who first announced themselves to hookers via this ad on Craigslist:

Hello, pretty lady!

I’m writing you on behalf of a group called the New York Initiative (We are not affiliated with law enforcement), and with the hopes that I’ve created a system that will help keep you safe when you go on dates! You can find our Facebook page through Google, as well as Google us with the words New York Press or Superheroes Documentary 2011 to find out what we’re about (Craigslist doesn’t allow me to post our URL)…yes, we look a little funny, but believe me when I say that we are all quite competent and capable of doing the things we say.

So with that out of the way, let me just get down to business…The Long Island Killer is out there.  He’s a scary bastard, and it’s starting to seem like he is focusing on you pretty ladies because some people are slower to report you missing, and also because apparently the law doesn’t respect your personal choices and that means cops are slower to follow through when it comes to you.  Well, I’m here to say F*** THAT.  We respect you as human beings, we believe in personal freedoms and think that you’re doing something that is absolutely your choice to do.

So rock on, ladies…We are on your side.  With that said, we are here to help…

The rest of the ad details their alert system and advises a check-in system such as I myself have advised in the past.  Now, some have branded the NYI as vigilantes, dismissed them as eccentrics or subjected their ad to PC nitpicking, but only the willfully blind could fail to see that their professed viewpoint is a HELL of a lot more enlightened than that of the damned cops or the soi-disant “women’s groups” who only speak up for women who are willing to accept their poisonous catechism of victimization and infantilization.  The following is an excerpt of a story republished from the April 24th Daily Mail on a website dedicated to real-life superheroes:

Self-styled superheroes have offered their help in fighting the serial killer thought to be behind the murders of over a dozen prostitutes in New York City.  The New York Initiative (NYI) – a group of vigilantes who model themselves on comic book superheroes – have posted an advert on classified ads website Craigslist offering ‘rescue teams’ for hookers whose clients turn violent.  NYI, who identify themselves as a group of ‘martial arts trainers, security specialists, emergency first responders, drug counsellors, former military police and former law enforcement’, are also offering free martial arts and weapons training to the women.

…The group is offering ‘a number to call and a few one-number or one-word codes you can say or text to us so that we can contact someone to assist you with a possibly violent date.’  They add:  ‘We will react quickly and without hesitation every time, using our considerable contacts to the full extent of their reach.’  And they promise not to involve the police unless there is a risk of ‘serious danger’.  The New York Initiative patrol the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan by night, attempting to deter crime.  Though they are loosely affiliated with the so-called Real Life Superheroes, unlike their more colourfully-dressed counterparts they tend not to wear masks and capes.  According to their website the group is composed of 11 members, with roles ranging from medic to combat specialist.  ‘Our primary goal will always be to help those in the most need to the highest ethical standard and to the maximum effect,’ they say…

Think or say whatever you like about them; until and unless I find out that they’re not what they present themselves to be, I would call the NYI before the NYPD any day of the week.  These are people who are doing what they believe in, working to help others without asking anything in return but the satisfaction of knowing they’re doing the right thing.  And IMHO the world needs more like them.

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