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You can’t protect women without handicapping them in competition with men.  If you demand equality you must accept equality.  Women can’t have it both ways.  –  Mary Bell-Richards

Sweden’s bizarre excuse for its continuing infantilization of women is “feminism”; supposedly, prostitution magically affects the brains of all males in a society, causing them to view women in a way Swedish neofeminists consider unacceptable.  But judging by the way Swedish authorities treat women, that “unacceptable” view must be the idea that women are intelligent adults capable of independent thought and self-determination, because it’s clear that the official position is the opposite.  In my column of December 18th I reported that though the rape rate in Sweden has quadrupled since the mid-‘90s (doubtlessly due, at least in part, to the suppression of prostitution), the conviction rate for rape is much lower than it was in 1965; as Naomi Wolf put it,a woman who has been raped in Sweden is ten times more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer than she is of getting any  kind of legal proceeding on her behalf undertaken by Swedish prosecutors.”  How can this be reconciled with Sweden’s supposed promotion of feminism?  As I expressed it in the linked column,

…the Swedish government only “promotes” feminism as a domineering pimp “promotes” a whore:  As a commodity to be bought, sold or traded for its own purposes.  Sweden views women as a natural resource to be exploited in much the same way as it exploits timber, hydropower and iron ore, and its leaders only mouth platitudes about “equality” to keep female Swedish voters happy so they can stay in power.  Its dismal record on rape and its tyrannical efforts to reduce whores to slaves of its bloated welfare state demonstrate that Sweden doesn’t actually care about the welfare of individual women, but rather only about the political support of women collectively.

And since it does only care about women collectively, any individual women who step out of line must be dealt with ruthlessly, yet in such a way as to maintain the pretense of “feminism”.  In my column of January 18th we saw that Sweden legally requires men to presume that women are prostitutes on the basis of their manner of dress (are you reading this, SlutWalkers?), and this May 19th story from The Local reveals what happens to Swedish whores who dare to speak about their (supposedly 100% legal) work in public:

A Swedish student who was trying to boost her finances by stripping and selling sexual favours has reported her adult education college for discrimination after being suspended for her “sick” behaviour.  After being forced to find a way of paying her bills, the student started working at a Stockholm strip club and also worked part-time as a prostitute to make ends meet…In February, she found herself called in to a meeting with a teacher and the dean of her college, where she was surprised to find them asking her about her job.  “They said that it goes against the school’s values and that students had been harmed by me being so open about what I do,” she wrote in the report.  The dean and the teacher told her that what she did outside of school hours helped to support the view of women as sexual objects.  “I said I have never felt like an object but rather found the whole experience pleasurable,” the student wrote in her report.  According to the student, the teacher and dean were horrified with this statement and said that she had caused the whole class to go through a crisis by being so open with her choice of career.  “You must have a problem if you think like that,” they said according to the student.  Despite the student’s apologies and a willingness to give up her job to stay on at the college, the dean said that it was obvious she wasn’t feeling well, and that she therefore would not be allowed to continue.  “I said ‘But I feel healthy’ and ‘I am passionate about this course’.  Then the dean said ‘you seem passionate about a lot of things’ and looked me up and down,” the student wrote.  After leaving the school she was told by fellow students that meetings had been taking place about her behind her back, and that the dean said that she had chosen to leave due to not feeling well.  The student was allowed to come back and say goodbye to her friends.  At the meeting she was allegedly told by the principal that she was not to mention anything about her suspension…she…tried to speak to several teachers, but was told by the dean to leave school premises as she wasn’t a student there any more.  Since the suspension the student has given up her stripping job but has decided to report the school to the Swedish Equality Ombudsman…

Sound familiar?  In my column of April 13th  we saw the new prohibitionist tactic of pronouncing prostitutes mentally ill if they fail to see things as the prohibitionists want them to; that is exactly what happened here.  In the Victorian Era, women who failed to behave like good little domestic robots were labeled “hysterical”, and now the Swedish state labels women who fail to behave like good little brainwashed neofeminist robots as “sick”.  The Swedish sales pitch claims its repressive regime has not harmed prostitutes in any way; try telling that to the young woman who was expelled for talking about her supposedly-legal job.  It also claims that the majority of Swedes enthusiastically support the ban, yet articles like this one appear frequently in Swedish publications.  Clearly, Sweden’s official claims about the “success” of its disgusting, tyrannical imposition of radical neofeminism on the Swedish people are no more true than its claim that the reason for the outrage is the promotion of “equality” for women.

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