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Ignorance is an evil weed, which dictators may cultivate among their dupes, but which no democracy can afford among its citizens.  –  Lord Beveridge

Syracuse, New York is about 300 kilometers from New York City; not exactly commuting distance, even for a serial killer.  Still, one would think that the Syracuse police would have something better to do with their time and money than to emulate the tactics and rhetoric of suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is almost twice as distant.  As we’ve discussed before on several occasions, the prohibitionist antics of Pittsburg area cops have turned them into heavily-armed clowns:  ludicrous, but dangerous.  They devote absurd amounts of manpower and scandalous sums of money to persecuting whores, then issue ignorant and asinine statements to the press…and it looks like the police of Syracuse are following in their footsteps, as demonstrated in this April 25th article from the Syracuse Post-Standard:

Syracuse prostitutes and patrons seeking their services have increasingly turned to the Internet and escort ads to avoid detection, meaning fewer prostitutes walking the streets.  Syracuse Police Sgt. Jim Staub estimated nearly 90 percent of the city’s prostitution trade has gone online over the past year or two.  So last fall, the police vice squad decided to follow the prostitutes into cyberspace.  The vice unit’s five-month sting recently led to the misdemeanor arrests of 17 suspected prostitutes and 19 men accused of seeking sex for money.  More arrests are expected, police said…

The Syracuse brain trust

You’ve got to be impressed in a weird sort of way with people who are so aggressively ignorant and unselfconsciously stupid that they actually boast about it.  As regular readers know, 85% of prostitution was already non-street-based even before the advent of the internet, and though some streetwalkers have indeed turned to internet advertising the statement that “90 percent of the city’s prostitution trade has gone online over the past year or two” demonstrates a truly stupefying level of ignorance, even for a cop.  Note also the typical police insistence on framing everything as it appears to their warped minds; whores and clients are said to use the internet to “avoid detection”, despite the fact that they themselves admit (in the paragraph below) that “the ads are not concealed.”  I suppose the Super-brains of Syracuse also believe that the owners and customers of Amazon.com are trying to “avoid detection” as well.  It never occurs to the sick police psyche that ALL businesspeople use the most effective means of advertising available, and that indoor sex work is safer on every level.  Their insistence on trying to predict escort-client behavior by a fallacious model of criminality is the reason this undoubtedly expensive operation only managed to catch fewer than 20 each of hookers and clients over five months:

To catch them, detectives posted ads and responded to ads in the adult sections of Backpage.com, Escort.com and the Syracuse New Times, said Staub, who led the investigation.  The ads are not concealed and “don’t leave much to the imagination,” he said…The police set up an apartment for an undercover officer to meet the prostitute or patron, then recorded that person agreeing to a trade of sexual favors for money.  Detectives appeared and asked the suspect for identification, then let him or her go.  Only after the sting was over did the police make arrests, authorities said.  Lt. John Corbett, head of the vice squad, said the police caught more suspects by waiting to arrest.  Hiding the undercover operation was crucial.  For example, a suspected prostitute became suspicious and warned others online about the police operation, Corbett said.  After that, officers had to change tactics and move locations.

You might wonder how these Brainiacs imagined that letting people go actually got them more arrests, but that’s because you aren’t a hopeless lawhead.  Because prostitutes and clients are defined as criminals, lawheads expect them to act like criminals, and cops define themselves as “better” than criminals.  They imagine that by changing hotel rooms but keeping the same strategy us poor, drug-addled whores and our sexually-depraved clients wouldn’t be able to figure it out; I’m sure what really happened is that everyone knew Syracuse was “hot”, and that the handful they captured were mostly girls who were too desperate to be careful and guys (13 of the 19 were out-of-towners) who failed to do their homework.

…Police contend that prostitution is hardly the victimless crime that some people say it is.  [Police Chief Frank] Fowler said police get complaints about prostitutes, including from residents who see people coming and going from locations where tricks are taking place.  And Corbett said prostitution can lead to more serious crimes, many of which aren’t reported truthfully.  Those crimes can include larcenies, robberies, assaults and extortion…Fowler said he hoped that publishing the patrons’ names would be a deterrent to all those who visited prostitutes in the city.  “They go about their daily lives disguising this behavior — bringing this behavior to their unsuspecting families and workplaces,” Fowler said.  Those who weren’t caught now know that the police are serious about catching them, he said.

Blah blah blah evil degraded whores, blah blah attracts crime, blah blah public nuisance…and I assume that melodramatically vague comment about “unsuspecting families” is a reference to the diseases we supposedly spread.  News flash, Chief Fowler:  We already know you’re serious about “catching” us.  What we can’t understand is why so many people are eager to swallow your lies and to allow you to indulge your sadistic sexual fantasies at public expense instead of doing the job you’re paid to do, namely catching actual criminals.

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