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What’s a little callous misappropriation of a mass shooting, in the scheme of things?  –  Ken White

Radley Balko has been on sabbatical for a month now, and I’ve settled into a pretty regular routine of guest blogging over on his excellent website, The Agitator.  As I told you last week, he still finds time to drop in every once in a while when he has a good reason to, such as announcing a benefit concert for Chris Tapp, the cancer-stricken singer/guitarist for The Cold Stares; if you’re going to be anywhere near Nashville on August 16th, why not show up to enjoy a night of blues and help out a good cause?  He also wrote a short post calling attention to the moral courage of Pierce O’Farrill, one of the survivors of the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre:

…moral courage [is] holding fast to your principles in the face of unimaginable challenges to those principles.  Pierce O’Farrill was shot three times in Aurora, once with each of James Holmes’ guns.  He gave a radio interview yesterday.  So first of all, the guy was shot three times, and he gave a radio interview yesterday.  But it’s more about what the guy said.  First, he forgave his attacker.  Second, he asked that his attacker not be given the death penalty.  And third, he reaffirmed his support for Second Amendment rights…[he] sounds like a pretty exceptional human being.

At the end of last week, Patrick from Popehat bid the readers farewell because personal and professional commitments will probably preclude his doing any more guest blogging for the duration of Radley’s absence.  However, his blogging partner Ken took up the slack with three posts:  one of them revealed the real reason the Washington, DC police suddenly reversed course and announced that police will no longer harass, arrest, manhandle, rob or make false accusations against citizens who try to take pictures of them; the others strongly criticized two mayors (Michael Bloomberg of New York and Ed Lee of San Francisco) who wasted no time in making use of the Aurora shootings for their own political ends.  Also, Drew Johnson posted a links column.

I started the week with “Compare the Headlines”, a small compilation of links and video about police in Anaheim, California attacking a crowd who dared to question their shooting an unarmed man in the back.  On Tuesday I published “What’s the Difference?”, a “sex work is work” column incorporating passages from “Bogeymen” and TW3 #29.  On Thursday I reprinted “Godwin’s Law”, which appeared on this blog in March of last year; my “Five Star Friday” video was ZZ Top’s “La Grange”, and today I shared pictures of my dogs Shasta and Lassen.  As usual, I also posted three link columns, containing the following:

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